An Ode to Mastery

ArtSplit presents Modern and Contemporary African Art (MOCONA)

An Ode to Mastery.

When ArtSplit was set to launch its series of full physical auctions with the first of them taking place in Lagos Nigeria, featuring 5 prominent Nigerian contemporary masters, the task was to simply create a identity for the event, call out the mechanism of the auction, highlight the split prices and how to participate. 

Our approach was to create a unique identity for the auction series as a stand alone product of  ArtSplit so it expands its usage and potential across other African markets. We wanted something uniquely African in both how it looked and sounded, and settled for “MOCONA” which at the surface was simply an acronym, but in its expression; represents a voice. A movement. An awareness. A new consciousness of the existence of a new player and stakeholder in the African Art scene. MOCONA carefully and curiously fused art, tech, consumer experience and art investment to strengthen the position and value of African Art by creating tangible investable assets out of them. MOCONA is a celebration.

The masters exhibition and auction was the maiden activity of MOCONA, which has now replicated itself in two other African cities after the inaugural launch in Lagos Nigeria.

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