Moove identity DNA

Moove Brand and visual language

Creating the Moove narrative curve

Problem: Moove, a mobility fintech startup providing flexible car ownership to mobility entrepreneurs across Africa launched over 18 months ago, making it Uber’s exclusive vehicle financing and vehicle supply partner in sub-Saharan Africa. Our task was to creatively tell the story, and create a brand name and visual identity that will deliver homegrown stories that would buttress the mission and vision of the Moove brand for Africa.

Approach: Adopting our core creative model, BRICS ( Brief, Research, Inspire, Create, Share). We created the visual component to a brand name that was selected amongst many other propositions which positioned Moove as the reliable partner for flexible car ownership to mobility entrepreneurs in Africa (Moove is now global). Leveraging gender parity and financial inclusion, Moove opened up to an entire audience spectrum that set the brand way ahead of its competition.

Today Moove is a global business with operations in 13 global cities, with 6 vehicle classes and has so far powered over 12 million rides in Moove-financed vehicles and remains Ubers Preferred Fleet Partner In Sub Saharan Africa.

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